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About us


Ask for more. Ask for the moon.

Moon was born from the experience of many years of professionals in the automotive industry that every day, driven by passion and enthusiasm, find the best mobility solutions to customers who demand the benefits of Long Term Rental.

Our goal? The full satisfaction of our customers.
The customer is always at the center of our attention, supported by a dedicated consultant who will advise and support him in the process of choosing the vehicle at the best possible conditions.

We provide simple and advantageous solutions for small and medium-sized companies, professionals with VAT number and private individuals, recommending the most appropriate combination of fleet and services.

We offer all brands and all models of cars marketed in Italy, in stock, ready for delivery or ordered according to the exact configuration of the customer.

what we believe

Mobility, by its very nature, gathers around it a wide range of activities, products and services and offers a wider and more significant field of action than that represented by the simple "vehicle", which is only a subset of it.   
The demand for mobility is going through a process of evolution that will redesign the entire map of services related to it, just think of the increasing demand for affordability, comfort, safety and proximity of the offer in the process of vehicle acquisition, as well as transparency of maintenance services both in prices charged and in the services provided. 
In a word, integration and simplification of the entire line of vehicle acquisition, maintenance and remarketing processes.   
From the consideration that the clientele characterizing the small business, the professional and the private, tends to a strong customization of services coming to rely on those who guarantee professionalism and constant assistance. 
Moon avails itself of the collaboration of strong brands in their respective sectors, which are recognized and easily associated with concepts of quality and reliability.